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"Jelly Cat"

Julia began her career in design in 1987 at her father's New York City photographic design/ad agency. And to remind you all, this was when cutting and pasting required X-Acto knives and rubber cement, while wielding press type and calling the bike messenger to get the ad to the printer on time. Thankfully we've come a long way! Jelly Graphics, started in 2006, is a freelance graphic design firm dedicated to creating what is in your imagination. Eclectic, stylish, funky, simplistic, or maybe you have no idea - I can help with that too. Jelly Graphics is named for a very special and beautiful dapple grey thoroughbred rescued from slaughter, off the racetrack, Jelly Cat is pictured above. Prior to 2006, in addition to freelance work, Julia worked full-time in N.T. Callaway Real Estate's in-house marketing department; designing and producing the ads, brochures, postcards, mailings and enhancing the property photographs for the company, as well as photographing many of the properties. Jelly Graphics has created the ads for, and paginated The Home Gallery of Bucks County and Lehigh Valley. Click on the ‘Design Work in Costa Rica’ button on the home page to see all the fun designs and clients acquired while living there. From 2009-2012, half of Jelly Graphic's freelance time was for Lisa James Otto Country Properties. In addition to the design work for the business, I did a good portion of the floor plans and photography. Jelly Graphics began with River Valley Realty, when Kim created this chic boutique firm in 2012. There, I do the floor plans, flyers, ads and brochures, copy editing and proofreading as well as a portion of the copywriting and photography. Since 2009 Jelly Graphics has worked on 10 County Women's Journal Publications, national syndicated, educational, bi-monthly publications. This involves creating every article and page, then paginating the magazine to send to the printer. Many of the publishers also send me the articles in advance to proofread and edit. Maintaining and uploading new material to clients' websites is also in my repertoire. Many clients have frequent, smaller projects, and they appreciate having a trusted graphic designer they can email, to quickly to get them accomplished; this includes photoshopping a picture that a client or another photographer took, editing and proofreading copy, etc. Thank you for reading!

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